How to do Multi-Bitrate Using vMix?

To conduct Multi-Bitrate streaming using vMix, Create your channel in Livebox streaming server. Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu. Under manage channels, select Multi-Bitrate.    In Multi-Bitrate page, select your channel and Turn On multi-bitrate. Once you turn on Multi-Bitrate, the new preset options will appear. You can set the required resolution and click Save. Note: You also have an option to edit or set your required preset. Once you click save, RTMP URL for your resolution gets listed below. Make note of the required RTMP link and give Save. Note: With each copied URL of definite qualities, the player will adjust video quality to that of viewers bandwidth. After clicking save, give Service Restart to get your changes applied. Copy-paste the Streaming URL in your encoder Stream Settings. So, now to open vMix and click Add Input from the bottom left corner.
A dialog box Input Select opens, where you can click Browse to add your source to vMix.
After selecting your so…

Package Plan and Subscription

In Livebox TV it is possible to create a number of package plans in a few steps. Once a package plan is created you can subscribe it to the number of users to get your channel service. So, to create a package plan for your Livebox TV channel and to assign subscription to your users, Go to Packages from the navigation menu. In Packageplan go to the Add Packageplan option. Enter your package name, set your package price, plan duration, and categories.Then click Submit.
You can view or edit your package plan under Manage Packageplan. Now to assign subscription to your users, Go to Subscriptions from the navigation menu. In Subscription click the Add Subscription option. Select your user, package, and validity.Then give Add. You have successfully assigned subscription to your user. To view or to edit your subscription list you can go to Manage Subscription to make changes.So, by creating a package plan you can manage your subscriptions as well elevate your channel business to the next leve…

How to Stream on Facebook in Livebox Streaming Server?

Multi-channel usability is one of the features that Livebox integrates as it helps in distributing content around the globe over multiple mediums efficiently. Through Livebox the users can send their live streaming videos to all media that supports RTMP sources. Facebook is one such media which is supported by Livebox to stream live videos.
The following steps will provide you clear-cut representations to stream your videos in Facebook live using Livebox streaming server. Create your channel in Livebox. Stream your source using your encoder. From the navigation menu click Manage channels and under manage channels select Channel Dashboard and click Play to preview your video. Now select Destinations from Channel Dashboard to take through your video to several media destinations. In Destinations click the icon near Push Destinations and select the destination where you want to stream your live video. A dialog box Share on with several destinations shows up. As you wanted to stream live o…

Creating a Channel in the Livebox TV to Distribute the Contents

Before you create a channel on your Livebox TV, you have to create the categories to keep your channels organized.
To create your categories, Login to your Livebox Tv. Go to Categories from the navigation menu. A page with the category specifications opens, under which go to Add Category to create your category. In Add Category, give your category name and set a thumbnail. Then give Submit. And your category is added. Note: In the Parent Category option you can set your category as the Root menu or Sub-category within your main category. Now to create your channel, Go to Channels from the navigation menu. In Channel, go to Add Channel and give your channel name. If you want to distribute your Livebox streams or recordings to your subscribers, then select Livebox as your video type. Then select the Livebox channel from which you want to distribute the content. Once you select your channel, the embed code of your Livebox channel will auto-appear in the Embed code bar. Then give your Live…

Finding the Recorded Files

How to find your recorded files/videos?
Livebox keeps all your recorded files safe. To search your recorded files, Go to Manage Channels from the navigation menu, under manage channels click Recordings.
In recordings, go to Recorded Files and click Show recorded files for all channels, where you can search your recorded files by typing your file name in search bar.

How to Stream Content from YouTube back to YouTube?

Anything is possible in live streaming with Livebox. You can stream, encode, transcode or even reach several media platforms with one Livebox. Livebox provides you multiple ways to stream across several media platforms without any complications. It is always easy and simple to live stream using Livebox, and the following steps will help you in achieving your first YouTube streaming.
To live stream on YouTube, Go to YouTube. In YouTube main page click the icon from the top right corner and select Go live. A new page with streaming specifications opens and you can select Encoder Live              Streaming option located near the bottom right corner. A Creator Studio page opens, where you can fill your requirements in Basic Info and Stream Options. Now login to your Livebox server. Click Queues from the navigation menu and select Create Queues. A new Create Queue page opens, where you can enter queue name, task name, priority, delay and attempts. Then click Select File in File upload to…